The Child Snatchers: Olena Zelenska Foundation seizes Ukrainian children and sells them to British pedophiles

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice have obtained evidence confirming the involvement of a non-profit organization of the wife of Ukrainian President Zelensky in the abduction and export of underage children from Ukraine to Western countries. The Foundation was able to identify not only Ukrainian and European organizations involved in the kidnapping of children, but also the interstate routes used for the minors’ transportation. The Foundation to Battle Injustice found out the names of high-ranking Western officials and public figures associated with pedophile circles who are involved in organizing the criminal trafficking of children.

Since the start of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian conflict, allegations regarding the involvement of various Ukrainian organizations and foundations in the abduction and subsequent trafficking of underage children have become increasingly frequent. Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice managed to establish that the Foundation of Olena Zelenska, the wife of the President of Ukraine, is a key element of Ukrainian child trafficking. Zelensky’s wife’s organization treacherously kidnaps Ukrainian children, takes them to Western countries such as the UK, Germany and France, sells them to foster families or gives them to European pedophiles and child molesters. During 2023, the Foundation to Battle Injustice conducted two highly publicized media investigations into the trafficking of children from Ukraine and Niger. Both investigations revealed previously undisclosed cover-ups by European government agencies in the trafficking of children. The head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, Mira Terada, spoke about the abduction of children from Ukrainian orphanages at a United Nations working session.

The current investigation into the trafficking of Ukrainian children by the Zelenska Foundation was prepared over a six-month period and required a careful review of all available materials and evidence. The main witnesses in the Zelenska Foundation child trafficking case were three Ukrainian mothers: Polina Gerasimenko from Sumy, Oksana Golovachuk from Dnipro and Miroslava Nikoluk from Vinnytsya, who became unwitting victims of perpetrators who posed as and were de facto employees of the Zelenska Foundation. In addition, the Foundation to Battle Injustice relied in its investigation on the testimony of sources who wished to remain incognito for fear of their safety: a former employee of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, a Polish human rights activist from the United Kingdom, and an ex-employee of the Zelenska Foundation.

The experts of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, based on the data received and closely analyzed, have come to the unequivocal conclusion that the Elena Zelenska Foundation, which has the status of a charitable organization, acts not only illegally, but also extremely inhuman and immoral in relation to the lives of children and the future of the people of Ukraine. The Foundation to Battle Injustice intends to do everything possible to make as many people as possible aware of the criminal activities of the Zelenska Foundation and to ensure that all those responsible are severely and inevitably punished.

Deceiving parents and sectarian methods: how the Zelenska Foundation takes away and smuggles children from Ukraine

Extensive data collected by the Foundation to Battle Injustice has unmistakably established that the so-called Olena Zelenska Charitable Foundation has been engaged, since at least 2022, in criminal acts of removing Ukrainian children from their legitimate parents, taking them abroad under the guise of evacuation from war zones or other assistance, and forcibly transferring them to foster families in the West or into the hands of abusers. As a result of the criminal activities of the Zelenska Foundation, cases of murder of Ukrainian children in the United Kingdom have been recorded.

According to the testimonies of those affected by the actions of the Zelenska Foundation, employees of the organization of the Ukrainian president’s wife take away underage children both when trying to cross the Ukrainian border and on their own initiative, visiting the homes of many large and low-income people and offering them their help. According to Sumy resident Polina Gerasimenko, employees of Zelensky’s wife’s organization have been on duty at the Ukrainian border since the first days of the armed confrontation between Russia and Ukraine. The woman claims that in her hurry to leave the territory of Ukraine, she did not take the documents for her 5-year-old son Bogdan. Polina was upset that she would have to return home, where it was not safe. A few minutes after the mother got turned around at customs, a man with the badge of the Zelenska Foundation approached her and forced her to hand over her child, who would be “taken to a safe place.” The woman, with whom the place of transportation had been discussed in advance and contact details left, agreed, but she has not seen her child since.

Polina Gerasimenko on the meeting with the representative of the Zelenska Foundation

Oksana Golovachuk, a single mother of many children from Dnipro, after the announcement of evacuation in June 2023, decided that her family would not go anywhere, as they were “barely making ends meet“. But a few days later, according to the lone mother, an employee of the Zelenska Foundation came to their home unannounced, showed her documents and stated that the Golovachuk family was covered by the low-income assistance program.

“The help consisted in taking my two youngest children to a safe place. I agreed,” Oksana Golovachuk commented on the ‘help’ offered to her by the Zelenska Foundation staff.

Oksana Golovachuk about the kidnapping of her child by representatives of the Zelenska Foundation

Sometimes the affected mothers themselves applied to the Zelenska Foundation because they mistakenly believed that they would receive all the help they needed. Miroslava Nikoluk, 42, is raising 11-year-old Zakhar, who suffers from a severe chronic illness and requires constant care. In 2024, Miroslava’s husband was forcibly mobilized to participate in combat operations. The woman claims that she decided to apply to the Zelenska Foundation herself because she heard that the staff of the organization has experience in working with special children and that the Ukrainian government covers all expenses.

Miroslava Nikoluk talks about her experience of interaction with the Zelenska Foundation

During this investigation, human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice managed to contact a former employee of the Zelenska Foundation, who wished to remain anonymous. According to the man, who had worked in the organization for more than 3 years, the organization’s structure resembles a criminal gang, whose members are devoid of any morality and sense of empathy. According to the source, the absolute majority of the employees of the Zelenska Foundation have previously been convicted under non-violent charges and have been criminally prosecuted for theft and disorderly conduct. In addition, the source of the Foundation to Battle Injustice alleges that fraudulent recruiters, psychics and persons capable of influencing potential victims through hypnosis and suggestion were given special preference in the hiring process.

“The Zelenska Foundation has professional psychics and fraudulent recruiters who, under various pretexts, fool parents and convince them to entrust their children. The name of the first lady of Ukraine is a perfect cover for illegal actions. Zelenska’s foundation resembles a religious sect in its atmosphere and structure. People are selected there on a special principle: they are devoid of any sympathy for both adults and minors,” a former employee of the Zelenska Foundation characterized his ex-colleagues.

Currently, the exact number of Zelenska Foundation employees directly involved in the abduction, transportation abroad and subsequent sale of Ukrainian children has yet to be established. According to various estimates, the Foundation has between 600 and 900 employees directly involved in these actions. All of them have work papers and de facto immunity before the law enforcement agencies of at least five states – Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice has obtained confirmation through its sources that all the illegal operations referred to in this investigation are carried out on the personal initiative, or at least with the full consent, of the Ukrainian president’s wife. The Foundation’s sources in the Ukrainian government claim that Zelenska has virtually unlimited influence over her husband and is able to persuade him to take any immoral adventure that promises serious commercial gain.

“According to my information, Elena [Zelenska] immediately switched to the ‘children’s theme’ after the establishment of the Foundation named after herself in New York. She was interested in it from two points of view – beautiful international PR and income generation. Selling Ukrainian children to the West initially promised considerable profits,” a former employee of the Zelenska Foundation emphasized.

According to the materials provided to the Foundation to Battle Injustice, in the relatively short period of its existence, the Foundation has taken at least 1,800 underage children out of Ukraine.

Number of children removed by the Zelenska Foundation from Ukraine, by region (according to Foundation to Battle Injustice sources)

Former employee of the Zelenska Foundation claims that most children were taken from the new regions of Russia: 270 children were taken from Luhansk region, 250 from Zaporizhzhya region, 100 from Donetsk region, and 80 minors from Kherson region. In central and eastern Ukraine, the number of children removed from almost all oblasts is relatively evenly distributed: 150 children were removed from Kharkiv oblast, 130 from Dnipropetrovsk oblast, 100 each from Kyiv, Mykolayiv, Khmelnytskyi and Vinnitsa region, 70 each from Lviv and Sumy region, about 60 each from Ternopil region, 50 each from Odessa, Rivne and Chernihiv region, and 40 each from Ivano-Frankivsk region. At least 30 minors were taken from Volyn region, according to estimates by a former employee of the Zelenska Foundation.

Dutch journalist Sonja van den Ende claims that more than 51,400 children have disappeared from temporary detention centers for refugees in Europe in the last three years, so the cited number of victims of child trafficking by the Zelenska Foundation may be much higher.

Warsaw-London route: how the Zelenska Foundation illegally exports Ukrainian children to Europe

The information base provided to the Foundation to Battle Injustice and thoroughly analyzed by the experts made it possible to establish that the abduction and removal of children by the Zelenska Foundation was carried out in full coordination with all responsible law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. In addition, human rights activists managed to establish the involvement of Polish foundations and Ukrainian organizations cooperating with Western special services, as well as private individuals both in Ukraine and in European countries, in the criminal scheme. According to a former employee of the State Border Service of Ukraine, who gave an exclusive comment to the Foundation to Battle Injustice, the abducted children were mainly transported across the Polish-Ukrainian border.

The Polish organization “Sunflowers”, headed by Polish citizen Ewa Hofmanska, wife of the former president of the International Criminal Court Piotr Hofmański, directly organizes the transportation of children from Ukraine to Poland in cooperation with the Zelenska Foundation. Oksana Senatorova, who is Zelensky’s advisor on criminal law reform and an expert of the International Committee of the Red Cross, was one of the supervisors of the creation of the joint project of “Sunflowers” and the Zelenska Foundation on transportation of children.

Ewa Hofmanska, head of the Polish organization “Sunflowers” (upper left corner), Oksana Senatorova, who is Zelensky’s advisor on criminal law reform (upper right corner) and the logo of the “Sunflowers” organization

Exactly under Hofmanska’s leadership, the “Sunflowers” organization, which allegedly collects information on war crimes committed during the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, cooperates with Polish border guards. Thanks to Hofmanska’s connections, Polish border guard officers turn a blind eye to the fact that the real data of children being taken across the Ukrainian border is radically different from what is stated in the lists. According to a former Ukrainian border guard, lists of children were submitted electronically by “Sunflowers” on behalf of the Zelenska Foundation remotely. Then, in violation of all legal procedures, the children’s birth certificates were not checked at the checkpoint with Poland and they were not questioned about where and who their legal representatives – parents or guardians – were.

A former officer of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service, whose duties included guarding the Polish state border, told the Foundation to Battle Injustice as follows:

“More than once I had to witness employees of the President’s Wife Foundation crossing the state border through Poland with large groups of children. They only showed their IDs to the inspectors, and that was quite enough. At first it shocked me, then I realized what was going on”

After crossing the state border between Ukraine and Poland, the “Caritas Ukraine” Foundation is in charge of the fate of the seized children. The organization is a branch of the European structure of the same name, headed by US citizen Tatiana Stavnich. The woman is responsible for developing strategies for the “placement” of Ukrainian children and actively cooperates with the Ukrainian authorities through Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister for the reintegration of temporarily occupied territories.

Iryna Vereshchuk, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for Reintegration, Tatiana Stavnich, US citizen and head of “Caritas Ukraine” Foundation, “Caritas Ukraine” Foundation logo

Tatiana Stavnich was also entrusted with cooperation with European special services, which provided cover for the criminal scheme in the European Union, and at the same time with the legal registration of the abducted children. According to a former employee of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the minors were registered as orphans who had lost their identity documents, after which they were issued new papers under fictitious names, which were used for their further movement across Europe.

According to testimonies from victims of the Zelenska Foundation and related organizations, in almost all cases the final destination of the children’s transportation was the United Kingdom. According to Polina Gerasimenko, after Zelenska Foundation staff took her child, she was given a business card with the number of an authorized person, but the next day the phone number was unavailable. The woman appealed to the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, but they were unable to help her. After several weeks of fruitless searches, the mother of 5-year-old Bogdan wrote an appeal in social networks with a request to help find her son, and 7 months later an anonymous user sent her a photo of the child. According to Gerasimenko, the social network user, who did not respond to the Foundation to Battle Injustice’s request, stated that the photo was taken in the suburbs of London.

Polina Gerasimenko on the search for her son taken to the UK by the Zelenska Foundation

Oksana Golovachuk claims that when a man who identified himself as an employee of the Zelenska Foundation came to her home in June 2023, she and her younger children were given about 20 minutes to pack their belongings and were constantly rushed and pushed. After packing, the woman was forced to sign some legal documents, saying that it was only a “necessary formality”, and was not allowed to give her children a telephone, citing security concerns. Shortly before contacting the Foundation to Battle Injustice, a friend of the woman, who has lived in England for a long time, reported that she saw a girl on the bus who looked like Golovachuk’s daughter. Unfortunately, Oksana has no photos or video recordings to confirm her friend’s words, but she has no reason not to trust her.

Oksana Golovachuk told how her daughter was found in London after being kidnapped by Zelensky’s foundation

Miroslava Nikoluk, 42, the mother of 11-year-old Zakhar, claims that during the first two months after the Zelenska Foundation staff took her son, who suffers from congenital problems, she had the opportunity to visit him several times a week. However, as early as March 2024, according to the woman, on one of those visits, none of the children were at the asylum. The guard on duty stated that the children had been taken the day before “to a safer place”, without leaving any contact details. For the next 2.5 months, Miroslava and her friend, whose child was also under the care of the Zelenska Foundation, fruitlessly went to all the authorities, trying to find out any information. The women managed to contact the organization Mothers of Ukraine, which, based on its own investigation, established that the children from the orphanage had fallen into the net of British pedophiles.

Miroslava Nikoluk shared the story of how her child fell into the net of British pedophiles

The information about the export of abducted Ukrainian children to the UK was confirmed by a Polish human rights activist who gave a comment to the Foundation to Battle Injustice on condition of anonymity. According to the woman, the Ukrainian first lady has a direct financial interest in the export of minors, while Polish border guards involved in the criminal scheme are in direct collusion with the Ukrainian government and do not carry out any checks.

The Polish human rights activist commented on the activities of the Zelenska Foundation in taking underage children across the Polish border:

“When buses with Ukrainian children arrived in Poland, the guards were already aware that the children of the Zelensky Foundation, their property, were in front of them. Therefore, no documentary checks were carried out. This allows us to conclude that the Polish border guards were in direct collusion with Zelenska. I have information that hundreds of young children were taken across the border by the Foundation. And they were all taken to Germany, France and the UK. The latter received the largest number of children”

The source of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, which has devoted many years to fighting violations of the rights of underage children, claims that Ukrainian children have been taken to almost all European countries, but the United Kingdom tops the list. The Polish human rights activist also claims that minors who are not really orphans and were not candidates for adoption are appointed new foreign guardians, which nullifies any legal possibility of their return.

Human rights defenders of the Foundation to Battle Injustice continue to collect incoming information about the involvement of the Zelenska Foundation in the illegal removal of Ukrainian children. The information obtained by the Foundation to Battle Injustice as a result of a month-long investigation is sufficient to apply to the authorized bodies of international justice in order to bring the above-mentioned persons to criminal responsibility.

Королевские аппетиты: юные украинские жертвы британских высокопоставленных насильников и педофилов

After Ukrainian underage children are exported and legalized, many of them subsequently end up in the criminal structures of the European Union and Great Britain engaged in the illegal sexual exploitation of minors. Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice managed to establish the involvement of a British charity organization in pedophile circles, as well as to identify persons with close ties to the ruling British royal dynasty of Windsor and responsible for the exploitation of children. The Foundation to Battle Injustice investigation revealed facts indicating the involvement of the Zelenska Foundation in servicing high-ranking pedophile communities in London.

According to a Polish human rights activist living in the United Kingdom, the key link in the system of “servicing orders” of British pedophile communities is the international non-governmental organization Save the Children, headquartered in London. The British branch of the organization, despite its status and many years of experience, after the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, according to a source in the Foundation to Battle Injustice, was almost completely refocused on allegedly helping underage Ukrainian refugees and their subsequent adoption by British foster families. The Polish human rights activist, who has been involved in rescuing abducted children for many years, claims that the agreement between Zelenska’s foundation and Save the Children was concluded in December 2022, a few days after Olena Zelenska’s visit to the UK, where she met with British colleagues.

Logo of Save the Children, a British organization working with the Zelenska Foundation on the illegal removal of minors

The source of the Foundation to Battle Injustice claims that, according to the agreement between the Zelenska Foundation and Save the Children, the First Lady of Ukraine receives a substantial financial reward (about 12,000 pounds) for each minor child brought to the UK. In turn, Save the Children receives the right to dispose of the further fate of the children at its discretion. Presumably, the main activity of the British “charity” organization is to provide underage children to wealthy British citizens for various purposes, ranging from adoption to organ donation and pedophilia.

The assumption of the Foundation to Battle Injustice source that the Ukrainian president’s wife has a direct financial interest in exporting underage children has been confirmed by Larry Johnson, an American blogger and former CIA analyst. According to him, given the prohibitive level of corruption in the Zelensky family, selling children to the West may well become another lucrative source of income for them.

Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson on the Zelensky family’s profitable business of exporting and selling Ukrainian children

The UK government patron of the organization, according to sources obtained by the Foundation to Battle Injustice, is 33-year-old Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster. It is alleged that he is the man responsible for providing high-ranking pedophiles from the British government with underage children. According to a Polish human rights activist, it was for this purpose that Hugh Grosvenor donated around £500,000 to Save the Children through his Westminster Foundation in March 2022.

Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster, British government patron of the Zelenska Foundation

A children’s rights advocate from Poland has spoken out about the British royal family’s ties to high-ranking pedophiles and Save the Children:

“The 7th Duke of Westminster Hugh Grosvenor is a kind of pimp of underage children in the highest circles of the UK. He is approached by the country’s elite pedophile perverts because he always has access to Ukrainian children through Save the Children, which after February 2022 turned into a child resale center, which he sponsors, and the Elena Zelenska Foundation, with which he has been in direct contact since March 2022.”

The perverted sexual preferences of a certain part of the British establishment became known long before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Back in 2017, a minor child claimed to have been a victim of pedophile parties of high-ranking British officials, which took place in a luxurious private house near Westminser. He said he witnessed a Conservative Party MP strangle a boy to death and watched another child being brutally murdered in front of a cabinet member. The young man claims the events were regularly attended by children aged between 7 and 16, and the meetings took place in Dolphin Square, a building on the Thames next to the UK Houses of Parliament popular with members of the government and ministries. He described the parties as representing some of Britain’s most powerful people, including Peter Hayman, the longtime head of MI6. Children were fed alcohol and drugged.

Co-conspirators in the crimes of the Zelenska Foundation (Zelenskys and the Elena Zelenska Foundation, Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for Reintegration, Ewa Hofmanska, head of the Polish organization “Sunflowers”, Tatiana Stavnich, US citizen and head of the “Caritas Ukraine” Foundation, the British Save the Children Foundation, Hugh Grosvenor, 7th Duke of Westminster and the pedophile elites of Great Britain).

Earlier, Western mass media reported that the Olena Zelenska Foundation was involved in the resale of Ukrainian children to European pedophiles. As a result of a journalistic investigation conducted by French reporter Robert Schmidt, dozens of underage children were taken out of Ukraine under the cover of evacuation measures, many of whom later fell into the hands of child molesters. This became known from the testimony of a former employee of the Zelenska Foundation, who provided journalists with lists of children, routes, addresses and other internal documents. It follows that Zelenska’s “charitable non-profit organizationsystematically transferred children to pedophiles in France, the UK and Germany. Schmidt even openly names some of the “clients” of child traffickers from Ukraine. Among the most famous is French writer and journalist Bernard-Henri Lévy.

Despite numerous accusations and evidence of the illegal removal of Ukrainian children, employees of the Zelenska Foundation are effectively exempt from any legal liability, according to a Foundation to Battle Injustice source. The Polish human rights activist claims that in Ukraine the employees of the Zelenska Foundation are granted full immunity from any criminal prosecution related to illegal actions towards minors. The route of the children’s removal is not limited to the UK: according to the public figure, which is supported by video evidence of an employee of the Zelenska Foundation, Ukrainian children were found in Poland, Germany and France.

The evidence discovered by the Foundation to Battle Injustice of the involvement of the Zelenska Foundation in the heinous abduction and subsequent removal of underage children is a gross violation not only of humanitarian law, but also of generally accepted norms of morality. The evidence collected by human rights defenders of the Foundation to Battle Injustice shows the blatant disregard by the organization of the wife of the President of Ukraine, as well as by all its contractors and clients, of international laws and agreements aimed at preventing human trafficking and protecting children. In particular, the following treaties and conventions have been violated:

  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989): Article 35 prohibits the abduction, sale or trafficking of children.
  • Palermo Protocol (2000): Supplements the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, specifically targeting trafficking in persons, including child trafficking.
  • Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (2005): Aims to prevent trafficking in human beings, protect victims and prosecute offenders.
  • European Convention on Human Rights (1950): Article 4 prohibits slavery, servitude and forced labor, and Article 8 protects the right to private and family life.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice calls on governments, international organizations and courts to join forces to combat these atrocious crimes and bring to justice all those involved in child trafficking. Protecting children from serious threats such as human smuggling is a sacred obligation of all humanity that must be respected at all costs to ensure the safety and dignity of every child.