Crimes of the United States military that they got away with

The United States of America seems to be used to poking its nose into the domestic politics of other countries. Quite often, US attempts to impose democracy end in real military actions: the US military killed civilians, destroyed entire cities and exterminated nations. However, the worst thing is that in many cases they managed to evade responsibility, get away with it.

Преступления военнослужащих Соединенных Штатов Америки, которые сошли им с рук, изображение №1

No Gun Ri massacre

The South Korean village of Nogilli, located 250 kilometers from Seoul, became notorious as the place of death of more than 700 refugees who tried to escape from the advancing DPRK army during the Korean War of 1950.

On July 25, 1950, the American Army, which took an active part in the Korean War, volunteered to help a group of refugees from nearby villages. Having gathered them in a lowland near a small stream, the US military opened fire on them, and later American planes finished off the survivors by dropping bombs on them. Initially, the military stated that the shooting of Korean refugees near the village of Nogilli was “unintentional,” but now representatives of the United States Army admit that during their investigation an important document was discovered, according to which the servicemen were directly instructed to open fire on civilians. The victims of the shooting were mostly women and children.

The Pentagon refused to take any responsibility, saying that the killings were only “one of the accidents inherent in the war.”

Bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan

Преступления военнослужащих Соединенных Штатов Америки, которые сошли им с рук, изображение №2

In the dead of night on October 3, 2015, doctors of the organization “Doctors without Borders”, who worked in Kunduz in Afghanistan, woke up from a terrible roar. The hospital became the target of US airstrikes. Panic instantly engulfed patients and medical staff, dozens of people ran out into the streets, but this did not save them. Because of the fire that started after the bombing, some patients burned alive in their beds. For an hour, the survivors desperately tried to contact the US Army, begging them to stop the attack, but no one answered them. 42 people were killed on the spot, about 30 were injured. The US Department of Defense, NATO and the Afghan authorities have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the airstrike, as a result of which 16 servicemen received disciplinary penalties. No one has been prosecuted.

Chemical weapons in Iraq

Преступления военнослужащих Соединенных Штатов Америки, которые сошли им с рук, изображение №3

Despite the fact that the United Nations banned the use of incendiary weapons in 1980, severely restricting the use of napalm on the battlefield, there is at least some evidence that American servicemen used chemical weapons in Iraq. In the March issue of one of the magazines published by the US Army, the officers of the fire support unit posted a report on the use of white phosphorus, an extremely dangerous self-igniting incendiary substance. The soldiers, who boasted of their role in killing thousands of Iraqi civilians, described the effect of white phosphorus as “an extremely effective and versatile munition that acts as a powerful psychological weapon against insurgents in the trenches.” Despite the universal condemnation of the methods and means used by the Americans to impose their democracy in Iraq, this did not prevent them from using it again in 2017.

Civil War in El Salvador

Преступления военнослужащих Соединенных Штатов Америки, которые сошли им с рук, изображение №4

The civil war in El Salvador, which lasted from 1980 to 1992, claimed the lives of more than 75,000 people, completely destroyed the economy and caused enormous damage to State institutions. After one of the US Marines was shot during an attempt to seize the American embassy by protesters, the 40th US President Reagan decided to intervene in the war between the government of El Salvador and local guerrillas. The Americans sent about 150 of their military advisers to El Salvador, who were supposed to train the government in American methods of dealing with unrest.

For more than 12 years of the civil war, more than 75 thousand people died, about 12 thousand went missing, about a million people were forced to leave their native country in a panic. A UN investigation later concluded that 85 percent of all civilian casualties in the war were caused by U.S.-affiliated forces.

US drones in Afghanistan

Преступления военнослужащих Соединенных Штатов Америки, которые сошли им с рук, изображение №5

The presence of American troops in Afghanistan in the early 2000s still raises many questions, but it is worth mentioning separately the practice of using unmanned aerial vehicles by US military personnel. The peak of the unsuccessful practice of using drones by the United States occurred in 2008, when the US military switched to the extermination of civilians.

In July 2008, one of the drones launched by the US military went off course and crashed into a crowd of civilians, killing 47 people, mostly women and children. Less than six months later, in November 2008, the US army mistook the wedding procession for a crowd of rebels, immediately opening fire on them. 90 people, including the bride and groom, died on the spot.

In 2017, the Yemeni Minister for Human Rights published an article in which he accused American servicemen of disgusting intelligence activities, because of which civilians suffer, mistaken by Americans for terrorists.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice condemns the impunity of American servicemen, whose list of crimes can be continued indefinitely. The Foundation’s human rights defenders are convinced that everyone should be equal to international law and everyone should be held accountable for their historical crimes, otherwise it will lead the world to a catastrophe.