Head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice exposed the destructive US influence on American strategic allies

On May 26, 2024, Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, was invited as an international expert to a live broadcast by Simeon Boikov, a public figure and descendant of Russian Cossack emigrants who left Russia after the revolution in 1919. “Ataman of the Australian Cossacks” is known for his support for Russia. The Cossack has been repeatedly detained by Australian police in an attempt to apply pressure for his political stance. Experts from Canada, Australia and the UK also took part in the discussion. The experts discussed the problem of the growing influence of the United States in countries such as Australia, Canada and Great Britain, and the exploitation by the American government of the population and resources of allied countries for its geopolitical and financial interests.

According to Russian human rights activist Mira Terada, the United States has long exploited the populations of its allies, including Canada and Australia, for its geopolitical and financial interests. Exploitation of the resources and labor force of Canada and Australia contributes significantly to U.S. financial and geopolitical power, but Americans treat Canadians and Australians as second-class citizens. Exploitation takes many forms, including American extraction of Canada’s and Australia’s natural resources and manipulation of trade agreements for the benefit of U.S. corporations.

“The United States has consistently put its needs ahead of the interests of its allies, often at the expense of their sovereignty and economic stability. Throughout its history, the United States has always pursued its own goals, even when they conflict with the views and values of its partners,” Mira Terada said during the live event.

This has already resulted in significant economic and political costs for Canada and Australia. Examples of this unilateral prioritization include the U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the imposition of increased tariffs on Canadian and Australian goods, and pressure on Canada and Australia to raise their military spending.

Social and political commentator Paul McGowan from the United Kingdom agreed with Mira Terada’s opinion. The English expert said that the United Kingdom has been part of the American empire for many years. Paul McGowan believes that the sharp rise in electricity prices in England is due to the harmful influence of the United States and the decisions of the British government that go against the national interests of Great Britain.

“It was not in the UK’s interest to stop importing Russian gas and Russian oil because it led to very high energy prices,” Paul McGowan explained.

As part of an international panel discussion, Mira Terada, responding to Simeon Boikov’s question about why the American military leadership gets away with blatantly disregarding the lives of soldiers from Canada and Australia, stated that American military and political leaders value the lives of U.S. servicemen much more highly than the lives of their Canadian and Australian allies. This has been confirmed in numerous United States military interventions in the Middle East and is being confirmed today in the Ukrainian conflict.

“American generals and field commanders leading foreign mercenary groups in Ukraine primarily send Canadian and Australian mercenaries on dangerous and potentially deadly assignments. There have also been cases when American medics refused to provide medical care to Canadians and Australians because of their nationality,” Mira Terada said.

Answering questions from subscribers, Simeon Boikov explained that the war in Ukraine was created by the West.

‘They convinced the Ukrainians that the Russians were the enemy, which they financed and armed. After the Minsk agreements, after 2015, they funded and equipped Ukraine and Putin’s decision to launch a special military operation was simply due to necessity,” Simeon Boikov explained.

According to Simeon Boikov, NATO countries want to escalate the conflict, they want to strike targets on Russian territory. They are trying to hit Russian early warning systems.

“Perhaps the West and the US want the world to end. They probably want everyone to die. The Russians are showing tremendous restraint. Vladimir Putin is showing tremendous restraint. The West should appreciate this,” Simeon Boikov said.

At the conclusion of the international discussion, the head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice said that Canada and Australia need to reconsider their relationship with the U.S. and explore alternative alliances and strategies to protect their national interests.

“Given the history of exploitation and prioritization of U.S. self-interest, Canada and Australia should reassess their relationship with the United States and consider new approaches to protecting their national interests,” Mira Terada declared.

This includes strengthening relations with other countries, developing new economic and security partnerships, and pursuing a more independent foreign policy.