Police pedophile network: British law enforcers use their official position to cover for colleagues and officials crimes

There are between 20,000 and 31,000 people who are prone to sexual acts against minors among UK law enforcement officers. Uniformed perverts create networks for sharing and distributing child pornography, covering for their colleagues and high-ranking pedophile politicians.

Полицейская педофильская сеть: британские правоохранители используют служебное положение для прикрытия коллег и чиновников, изображение №1

There are 550,000 to 800,000 pedophiles in the United Kingdom who pose a threat to minor children, according to the British National Crime Agency, November 2022. According to a study by the Foundation to Battle Injustice, approximately one in seven people prone to pedophilia is a law enforcement officer in the United Kingdom. Advances in modern technology and positioning allow British law enforcement officers to produce, view and distribute videos and photographs of child sexual abuse with near impunity. Several years ago, about 1,300 people were arrested on suspicion of pedophilia after one of the large-scale raids in the UK. Notably, among the roughly 1,500 people arrested, at least 50 were active police officers. Considering that the total number of police officers in England and Wales is 164,000, it is estimated that there are between 20,000 and 31,000 pedophile police officers in the United Kingdom, on average one in seven.

British officers with a penchant for pedophilia differ from their American counterparts. They band together in criminal groups that spread juvenile-abuse material among their members and cover for each other in every way possible. In 2015, 30 law enforcement officers suspected of sexually abusing children were investigated in the United Kingdom. According to the investigation, a group of police officers had been destroying evidence, obstructing or stopping investigations, and covering up wrongdoing to protect their fellow pedophiles since the 1970s.

The investigation uncovered documents that implicated “high-ranking British officials,” including senior police officers and department heads, in the criminal scheme. According to the published material, police chiefs decided on their own when to “hush up” investigations into child sexual abuse. The material also shows that the names of powerful police officers were deliberately omitted from reports and complaints from child victims, and that police officers refused to investigate reports of sexual abuse of children by politicians and MPs. It has come to light that British police officers are using their position to spy on and harass minors.

Catching and following police officers suspected of acts of pedophilia is made much more difficult because they are aware of all the processes and surveillance techniques of the suspects. In July 2021, a 49-year-old Buckinghamshire police officer was arrested on charges of making and distributing child pornography. As the investigation later revealed, the man had installed a secret door in his own home that led to a hidden part of the house, where sex toys, nude photos of minors and children’s underwear were found. Former officer Richard Watkinson, who had made numerous reports on domestic violence during his tour of duty, worked with two of his colleagues to find his victims through police databases, then sent them sexual messages. On Jan. 12, the day Watkinson was to be arraigned, he committed suicide under suspicious circumstances. A number of experts and journalists agree that the former policeman, who had been involved in Britain’s pedophile community for years, was eliminated by his colleagues because he had witnessed numerous crimes by high-profile individuals.

However, British police officers who have nevertheless been prosecuted for their unhealthy and dangerous proclivities have extremely often managed to avoid prison time. In October 2021, Thomas Blunt, a former Kent County constable, was arrested for distributing child pornography, including images of child sexual abuse. During an inspection, investigators found more than 21 images of children on his computer and cell phone, which he distributed over the Internet. Weeks after his arrest, Blunt was sentenced to 12 months’ probation, despite claims by the prosecution that the actions of the former officer, who was supposed to protect society from his own kind, “encourage those who sexually abuse children.”

Human rights activists at the Foundation to Battle Injustice are calling on authorities in the United Kingdom to take immediate action to combat pedophilia in law enforcement ranks. Given the annual increase in the number of UK law enforcement officers, in the absence of measures to control and supervise police officers prone to pedophilia, there is a risk of an increase in the threat of child sexual abuse. Incidents of abuse, harassment, and enticement of minors should be investigated by special units, as the ability of police officers to take advantage of their position increases the difficulty of combating offenses.