Laws passed in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. are depriving women prisoners of safety because of the risk of transgender violence

More and more Western countries are passing bills allowing men to serve prison sentences with members of the opposite sex. Because of the lack of any biological and documentary requirements for gender reassignment and transfer to women’s prisons, an unprecedented increase in violence has been recorded.

Законы, принимаемые в США, Канаде и Великобритании, лишают женщин-заключенных безопасности из-за риска насилия со стороны трансгендеров, изображение №1

Violence against women in prison is a widespread and pervasive problem, but in recent years a new phenomenon has emerged in this sad dynamic for women: violence committed by biological men who have changed their sex. This new type of crime against women in prisons is generating widespread debate and controversy in society, given the growing trend of such incidents in the United States and Europe.

Governments in some Western countries believe that biological men who have undergone gender reassignment should serve their sentences in women’s prisons because they now identify themselves as women, even though in most cases they have male genitalia. In Canada, Bill C-16 was passed in 2017, which, in addition to criminalizing “denial of gender theory,” allows men to be in women’s housing units and cells for the duration of their sentence. England and Wales have a similar bill, under which a gender reassignment certificate can be issued on the basis of a man’s desire to consider himself a woman. The existence of such a certificate is sufficient grounds for serving a prison sentence in a penal colony for women. In Scotland, it is sufficient to take an oath to do so. In September 2022, California passed SB-132, which requires that offenders be housed according to their “gender identity,” which can in no way be documented.

Even today, however, such egregious cases of women’s rights violations have unfortunate consequences. Statistics show that most men who identify themselves as women have been arrested for violent sexual crimes. A 2022 study showed that about 91.6 percent of male prisoners who identified themselves as women were convicted of felonies, and 41.6 percent of them were convicted of murder. Thirty percent of the male inmates who identified themselves as women had committed sex crimes, and 44.3 percent had committed one or more sex crimes in their lifetime.

The softening of Western countries’ policies toward men who consider themselves women has naturally led to the most perverse sex offenders and maniacs taking advantage of legislative loopholes to get closer to their potential victims. Following Canada’s passage of Act C-16, Adam Laboukan, convicted in 1997 of raping a three-month-old infant, secured a conviction as a woman and a transfer to a women’s prison. Laboukan’s crime was deemed extremely cruel and unprecedented, and his subsequent behavior in custody so unpredictable that he was given a rare sentence without a prison term. During his trial, he also confessed to drowning a three-year-old boy when he was only 11 years old. The man, who became the youngest convicted of a violent sex crime in Canada, was placed in a cell next to the prison’s mother-and-child room, where female inmates were allowed to live with their children up to age 7. Inmates reported that Laboukan often threatened mothers by making lewd remarks and looking at their children, and prison officials allowed him to attend events where minors were present.

Адам Лабукан после того, как он стал женщиной
Adam Laboukan after he became a woman

In January 2023, a man convicted of sex crimes in Britain announced a sex change shortly before his sentencing and was sent to a women’s prison. In a six-day trial, Adam Graham was found guilty of raping two women in 2016 and 2019. Months after the first trial, the offender said he now considers himself a woman and asked to be transferred to the women’s wing of the penitentiary. According to Graham, he has had trouble determining his gender since he was 4 years old, and his decision allegedly has “nothing to do with the legal proceedings that are pending against him.”

Since late 2022, at least 47 biological men have taken advantage of a loophole in California state law and been transferred to women’s prisons. According to the state Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, more than 60 percent of applications to transfer men to women’s correctional facilities are approved, and more than 340 such applications are pending as of Feb. 26, 2023. More than 33% of the men attempting to transfer under the law under the pretext of “gender identity mismatchare convicted sex offenders. This is significantly higher than the average for the entire prison population in the United States. Due to the reported increase in the number of men serving time with members of the opposite sex, California prison administrations are forced to provide condoms and contraceptives to prisoners.

Similar policies by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several other Western countries toward transgender inmates have already led to an increase in violence and harassment against female inmates. In April 2022, at Rikers Correctional Facility in New York State, a man transferred to a women’s correctional facility raped his female cellmate. Diamond Blount, 33, walked up to his cellmate after she took a shower, grabbed her by the hair and raped her. Blount was sentenced to seven years in prison, but is highly likely to serve his sentence in a women’s prison.

Human rights activists at the Foundation to Battle Injustice condemn all forms of violence and consider the transfer of biological men to women’s correctional facilities and units unacceptable. The attempt by Western countries to artificially impose LGBT culture, which goes against common sense and human nature, is already leading to an increase in violent sexual crimes against women.