American experts and politicians acknowledged the facts of mass voter fraud in the 2020 and 2022 United States elections during the conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice

On December 1, the OSN-Media platform hosted the International press conference of the Foundation to Battle Injustice “The end of US democracy: election fraud deprives Americans of the right to vote.” During the event, participants from Russia and the United States exchanged their opinions and unveiled facts proving fraud during the last two elections in the United States.

Мира Тэрада, глава Фонда борьбы с репрессиями
Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice

Speaking at the conference, Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, cited facts proving that American democracy is experiencing a serious and the most widespread crisis in the history of elections in the United States. According to her, the coming to power of Joe Biden is still considered one of the largest political machinations in modern American political history. Biden was not popular before his presidential term due to ties with racist organizations and approval of wars in the Middle East. The midterm elections of 2022 confirmed that the Democratic party is ready to continue to disregard the constitutional rights of US common citizen. Only by collecting a complete picture of violations and fraud in the American elections of 2020 and 2022, it is possible to understand the scale and seriousness of the problem that affects every resident of the United States who still believes in democracy.

The head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice claims that Democratic officials pushed through a number of scandalous and controversial bills in 2020, which open up wide opportunities for fraud and manipulation. For example, mail-in voting, because of which the ballots of at least 23 million Americans have disappeared and not been counted since 2012. This is a gross violation of the US citizen rights. Or voting machines, most of which periodically failed, malfunctioned and arbitrarily started counting voters after the closing of polling stations. Head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice exposed migrants who voted for Democrats for money. Mira Terada said that such regular suppression of voters is an unacceptable measure in the 21st century, which contradicts the norms and traditions of a truly democratic society.

Диана Саре, кандидат в американский Сенат от штата Нью-Йорк
Diane Sare, candidate for the U.S. Senate from the state of New York

A candidate for the US Senate Diane Sare spoke at the conference and publicly accused the election commissions of the state of New York of deliberately stealing votes during the 2022 midterms. According to her, vote rigging could occur in two cases: either those responsible for the elections use drugs, or they wanted to convey a threat to her and her team. A female politician claims that because of the main idea of her election campaign about the preventing nuclear war with Russia and China, she managed to become the only person in New York state who was able to collect the necessary number of signatures to register as an independent candidate.

Число голосов за Диану Саре за ночь уменьшилось на 24 тысячи
The number of votes for Diane Sare decreased by 24 thousand overnight

The candidate for the US Senate demonstrated to the participants and viewers of the conference evidence of fraud with the votes of people who chosen her name during the 2022 midterm elections. According to data from the media, on the night after the polls closed Diane Sare had more than 50 thousand votes, but later the number of votes began to decrease until it reached the mark of 26 thousand votes. Statistics on her county raises even bigger questions and casts doubt on the honesty of the midterm elections of 2022: in just a few days, out of 6,000 voters who voted for her, Sare had just under 300 votes left. According to the politician, by such machinations the state election committee are trying to break her as a candidate, but she claims that she will continue to fight and has already decided to run in 2024.

Харли Шлангер, вице-президент Института Шиллера в США
Harley Schlanger, Vice President of the Schiller Institute in the USA

Harley Schlanger, vice president of the Schiller Institute USA, made a report on the corruption of the American electoral system. The analyst stressed that the investigation of violations in the 2020 US presidential election did not bring any results. Schlanger believes that this fact indicates fraud in the US 2020 elections in order to bring the current American president Joe Biden to power. According to Schlanger’s high-ranking friends who have been in politics for more than 40 years, there is absolutely no point in investigating violations in the American elections, since the special services and the Democratic Party will do everything possible to hide the traces of fraud.

The expert believes that representatives of two major parties have taken away votes from the candidate for the US Senate, Diane Sare, as she stands for peaceful relations with Russia. At the same time, none of the candidates for the US Senate and the House of Representatives spoke about the foreign policy problems of the United States, because of which there is a high probability of a world war. The average voter, according to Schlanger, does not understand what is happening in big politics, since Americans are fed only local issues, such as race issues, abortion and climate. A resident of the United States, who is inspired by the current American government that blames the Russian president for inflation and high fuel prices, does not know about the intention of his country’s political leaders to aggravate the conflict between the powers.

Джон Дуган, бывший морской пехотинец и заместитель шерифа
John Dougan, former Marine and Deputy Sheriff

Former Deputy Sheriff and US Marine Officer John Mark Dougan said that the Americans’ accusations of Russian interference in the elections are ridiculous comparing to the United States manipulations of the electoral process in other countries. According to Dougan, US meddled in more than 50 elections around the world since the middle of the last century. The retired policeman, who has experience in programming, stressed that the 2020 and 2022 elections were deliberately rigged in order to remove Donald Trump from power. Dougan said that voting machines can subtract votes and assign them in favor of the Democratic candidate, as happened with Diane Sare. The former military noticed that this is the reason why the source code of algorithms for the operation of tabulators is closed from the public scrutiny.

The opinions of American experts voiced at the conference clearly confirm the fact that the elections in the United States are devoid of transparency, legitimacy and do not comply with the norms and traditions of democracy. The obvious and blatant disregard for constitutional rights by the ruling elites in the United States not only deprives Americans of the right to vote and be elected, but also belittles the values and attitudes of civil society.