The Foundation to Battle Injustice opens a collection of complaints about violations related to partial mobilization in Russia

Due to the frequent cases of non-observance of rights during mobilization activities, the Foundation to Battle Injustice is ready to support persons who have faced violations by military commissariats. Each complaint will be considered individually.

Фонд борьбы с репрессиями открывает сбор жалоб на нарушения, связанные с частичной мобилизацией в России, изображение №1

Since September 21, after the decision of the President of the Russian Federation to declare partial mobilization, hundreds of Russian citizens have been mistakenly called up due to shortcomings in the work of military commissariats. In order to prevent the violation of the rights of persons who are not subject to partial mobilization for health reasons, due to lack of combat experience or military service, the Foundation to Battle Injustice opens the reception of complaints in connection with violations during partial mobilization in Russia.

With timely treatment, there is an opportunity to promptly correct the error of the military commissariat. On September 30, 9 people who were called up to serve in the framework of partial mobilization with violations returned home in Novosibirsk, since the beginning of October in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, the cases of several citizens were reviewed, as a result of which they were released from partial mobilization. On October 1, in St. Petersburg, a student who studied full-time at a university and was called up for service was sent home after a complaint from his mother, who provided the necessary documents. On October 3, in Yakutia, about 300 people who were mobilized by mistake returned to the republic.

We encourage you to contact us if you have been mobilized, provided that:

a) you have not served in the army;

b) your state of health does not allow you to participate in military operations;

c) you were assigned to a military formation not in accordance with your military accounting specialty;

d) you were sent to the front line without military training.

For all questions related to violations during the mobilization, write to the e-mail box of the Foudation to Battle Injustice: