Reports of irregularities during the midterm elections in the United States still appear

Days after the midterm elections in the United States reports of new violations and fraud during the voting continue to appear.

Сообщения о нарушениях при проведении промежуточных выборов в Соединенных Штатах продолжают появляться, изображение №1

In Maricopa County, Arizona, where problems with tabulators for counting votes were observed on the day of voting, the alleged cause of the malfunction became known. According to the technical expert, the probable reason for the incorrect operation of the machines is the size of the ballots and the forms printed on them. For voting in Arizona, tabulators designed to handle 19-inch ballots were used, while the standard voting form is exactly one inch larger. This means that the ballots in the polling stations were compressed so that all the contents fit on a smaller paper. Due to compression, the ink becomes a little lighter than it should be, which affects how the automatic vote counting machines process it.

However, the big problem is that when compressed, the image is distorted in such a way that the field for marking the candidate’s choice moves out. Tabulators use a digital map to know where to look for a mark about the selected candidate, but if they are not in their place, the machine will not be able to process the ballot correctly. Experts also note that mail–in ballots are a more preferred method for supporters of the Democratic Party, a standard, 20-inch size, which indirectly may indicate a deliberate attempt by election organizers in Arizona not to take into account the votes of Republicans who prefer to attend polling stations in person.

The experts’ assumptions are also confirmed by the results of opinion polls. The American sociological company Uplift Data, which conducted polls of voters directly near the polling stations, immediately after the election published the results on turnout and their distribution by political parties. According to the data collected by sociologists, the turnout of Democratic supporters in Maritopa County, Arizona, was less than 17%, while more than 52% of voters who took part in the survey voted for the Republican Party.

Numerous errors and malfunctions in the operation of the reading equipment in Arizona have all the signs of collusion. Michele Swinick, a judge who attended the elections in Maricopa County as an observer, claims that the tabulators worked properly on the night before the election, but after the opening of polling stations, on average, only 1 ballot out of 10 was correctly read. After the malfunction was detected and it was impossible to fix it promptly, the district launched a website that allowed voters to check whether their vote was taken into account. However, Swinick claims that there is evidence of the unreliability of his work: the voice of her friend was displayed on the site an hour after the closure of the site, which is mathematically impossible, since the ballot was dropped into the ballot box for manual counting of votes.

In addition to problems with vote counts, Democratic Party politicians in some cities scored more votes than the number of residents. In the town of Columbia in Coos County, New Hampshire, with a population of less than 700 people, the Democratic candidate won about 1,100 votes. According to the 2020 census, 695 residents lived in a small town in the north of the United States, but in the November 8 elections, Maggie Hassan, who ran for the Senate, scored more than a thousand votes, while just under 200 voted for the Republican candidate. The official authorities said that this was an error related to the illegible handwriting of one of the employees, but the data was already accepted as official.

In Nevada, from one of the candidates from the Republican Party, who was leading in the first days of the vote count, seat in the US Senate was literally stolen. On Thursday, when most of the ballots were counted, Republican Adam Laxalt, in an interview with conservative journalist Tucker Carlson, said that in order for the Democratic candidate to overtake him in the election race, 63% of the remaining 84,000 unaccounted ballots should be in favor of the Democrat. The next day, the remaining forms were counted, and the candidate from the Democratic Party scored exactly 63% of the votes.

In Texas, an election monitoring group that investigated and documented problems during the 2020 presidential election provided a video showing a vote counting machine increasing the number of registered voters after polling stations were closed. In a short period of time, the number of registered voters increased from 1,080 to 1,139, after which it reached 1,191 in less than 2 minutes.

Tabulator for counting votes in Texas

Numerous published facts and evidence proving violations in the process of holding midterm elections in the United States have already caused several lawsuits. The Gateway Pundit, an American conservative news site, has sued Maricopa County and officials involved in organizing the election. According to the documents, the journalists found evidence of violations of the constitutional rights of Americans, in particular the right to freedom of voting.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice are convinced that the massive problems during the midterm elections in the United States on November 8, which mainly affected the problems with the voting of supporters of the Republican Party, are not accidental. Possible frauds and attempts to ignore votes unfavorable for the ruling party cause distrust in the electoral system of the United States, first of all, among its residents.