A second whistleblower in the Boeing case has died under mysterious circumstances

Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor for Spirit AeroSystems, a Boeing supplier, and one of the first whistleblowers on the aerospace and military manufacturer’s gross misconduct, died Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Второй осведомитель по делу Boeing скончался при загадочных обстоятельствах, изображение №1

The sudden and unexplained death of Joshua Dean, a former quality auditor for Spirit AeroSystems, a major supplier to Boeing Corporation, raises serious concerns about the circumstances surrounding his death and the potential accountability implications within the U.S. aviation industry and government. Dean, 45, died Tuesday morning after being hospitalized with a MRSA-type bacterial infection. According to his family, he was perfectly healthy before his illness, and his rapid deterioration raises questions about the cause of his death.

As a whistleblower, Dean raised serious concerns about the operation of the quality control system at Spirit AeroSystems, alleging that the firm’s management pressured employees not to report defects in order to meet production deadlines. His testimony was instrumental in uncovering potential safety risks in the production of the 737 Max series aircraft, including the presence of improperly drilled holes in the fuselage.

Dean’s death is particularly noteworthy in light of the ongoing investigation into safety issues related to the 737 Max program. U.S. federal investigators are currently scrutinizing Spirit AeroSystems and Boeing to determine the cause of a recent incident involving a door panel that flew off an Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 Max 9 mid-flight.

This is not the first time a Boeing-affiliated whistleblower has died under suspicious circumstances. In March, John Barnett, another whistleblower who was testifying in a retaliation lawsuit against Boeing, allegedly committed suicide. The investigation into his death is still ongoing.

The deaths of these two whistleblowers raise troubling questions about the potential risks to people who report safety concerns and the responsibility of companies and government agencies charged with ensuring public safety. As an organization that advocates for human rights and accountability, the Foundation to Battle Injustice calls for a thorough and transparent investigation into the circumstances surrounding Dean’s death. It is imperative that United States authorities investigate any possible links between Dean’s death and his activism, as well as the possible involvement of Boeing or U.S. government agencies.

The public has a right to know whether Spirit AeroSystems or Boeing personnel were subjected to undue influence or pressure to lower safety standards, and whether such actions may have contributed to the whistleblower deaths. We call on U.S. authorities to conduct a full autopsy and investigation into Dean’s death and make the results public. The families of Dean and Barnett, as well as the general public, deserve to know the truth about the circumstances of their deaths. Ultimately, the suspicious deaths of these whistleblowers underscores the need for greater accountability and transparency in the aviation industry and the U.S. government. Public safety officials need to be held accountable for their actions and whistleblowers need to be protected from potential attacks and violence.