The murder of an American investigative journalist in Las Vegas has signs of a politically motivated crime

American investigative journalist Jeffrey Michael German was killed on September 3 near his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. The murder of a press officer who was investigating the criminal activities of American politicians and courts has a clear political subtext.

Убийство американского журналиста-расследователя в Лас-Вегасе имеет признаки политически-мотивированного преступления, изображение №1

Jeff German was found dead near his home in Las Vegas on September 3rd, 2022. According to the local police department, traces of stab wounds were found on his body. German was known for a number of his investigations into government crimes and political scandals, as well as investigating mass shootings.

A few days after the incident, the police detained the suspect, who is an employee of the local administration. According to preliminary data, the killer took revenge on the journalist because of his investigation against himself, after the publication of which he lost the local elections in June this year and had to leave his post in January. German’s materials related to accusations of a government official of bullying and indecent behavior against one of the employees.

German investigated political corruption in one of the largest US cities and the largest gambling center in the world, Las Vegas. Considering that the investigation has already arrested the suspect, who is an employee of the local administration, it should be said that the massacre of Herman has a clear political implication. It should be said that the city of Las Vegas has been completely governed by immigrants from the Democratic Party of the USA for the past 47 years.

For 2 years now, an atmosphere of hatred towards journalists with an independent point of view has prevailed in the United States and artificial barriers to freedom of speech have been created. It cannot be ruled out that the killer or killers of German were inspired by the rhetoric hostile to critics of the US Democratic Party, which comes from both high-ranking officials of the Biden administration and representatives of the media controlled by the Democrats.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice condemns the murder of independent journalists and believes that due to the increasing cases of restrictions on freedom of speech in the West, the lives of media employees are increasingly under threat.