Biden’s government Is using trumped-up charges against the opposition

The internal intelligence agencies controlled by the current American president introduced their provocateur employees into the ranks of the protesters on January 6, 2021. FBI agents recruited and threatened politically active citizens, listened to telephone conversations of rally participants and their relatives, and fabricated accusations against members of anti-government organizations.

Правительство Байдена использует сфабрикованные обвинения для борьбы с оппозицией, изображение №1

At the end of November, the District of Columbia court found the founder and four members of the American anti-government organization “Oath Keepers” guilty of sedition. Stewart Rhodes, who did not even enter the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, was found guilty by an American court of conspiracy, obstruction of an official investigation, aiding, abetting and falsifying documents. The accusation against the founder of the organization “Oath Keepers”, which is a non-partisan association of current and former military, police and emergency responders, is based only on a fragment of a recording of a conversation between Stewart Rhodes and other members of the organization and has all the signs of politically motivated persecution.

As the Foundation to Battle Injustice wrote earlier, the quality of the conversation recording, on the basis of which the accusation against Stewart Rhodes is based, does not allow us to make out what the suspects are talking about. Moreover, the voice of the founder of the “Oath Keepers” is not heard clearly enough, and the recording is taken out of context. However, this did not prevent the District of Columbia court from finding Stewart Rhodes guilty on trumped-up charges. Now the founder of the Patriots organization, who swore to protect the American Constitution from external and internal enemies, faces up to 20 years in prison.

The case of Stewart Rhodes, which journalists dubbed a parody of justice, caused a wide resonance in the network, since an unarmed man who did not enter a government building and did not pose any threat to public safety could be sentenced to a real prison term. There are serious reasons to believe that the only people who provoked the crowd of supporters of former American President Donald Trump to aggressive actions were agents of the American special services and internal intelligence agencies who were embedded in the crowd. Documents published in July 2022 show that agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had been infiltrating various anti-government organizations, including the “Oath Keepers”, a year and a half before the events of January 6. According to the materials, representatives of the internal intelligence agencies are aware that the persons arrested during the so-called “storming of the Capitol” are innocent, but they still continue to be prosecuted.

Another indirect confirmation proving that there were agents provocateurs from among the FBI employees among the participants of the rally on January 6 is the fact that the names of some of them were removed from the list of wanted people. Phillip Robinson, the only one of the protesters armed with firearms, was removed from the FBI’s wanted lists almost immediately after he got into it. Other participants of the protest on January 6, who saw Robinson that day, claim that he was following commands, receiving instructions through an earpiece.

There is evidence that confirms that FBI agents tried to recruit politicians and candidates from the Republican Party into their ranks. On September 30, internal intelligence agents raided the home of Jeremy Brown, a retired officer and former Republican congressional candidate. The man managed to record a conversation with one of the FBI employees who, a few months before the search, tried to recruit Brown and force him to join the “Oath Keepers”. The former candidate refused to cooperate with the agents, which is why he became a victim of harassment by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was accused of offenses related to the events of January 6, despite the fact that he did not take any part in the demonstration.

In addition to recruiting supporters of the Republican Party, FBI agents force the children of those who participated in the rally on January 6 to testify against their parents. The FBI and the US Department of Justice forced Jackson Refit to testify against his father, who became one of the first defendants to appear in court in the case on January 6. According to the wife of the accused, FBI agents listened to their phone conversations, after which they instructed Jackson to deliberately provoke his father to tell about the events on Capitol Hill.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice regard a number of proofs and facts of the involvement of US intelligence officers in provocations during the protest action on January 6, 2021 as a planned operation aimed at discrediting former American President Donald Trump and the entire conservative opposition of the United States. Instead of reforming the police and judicial system of his country, the current American President Joe Biden encourages political repression and falsified accusations against his political opponents.