Biden government uses state anti-terrorism program to fight Christian and conservative opposition

During his administration, Joe Biden’s administration stepped up a campaign to demonize conservatives and people of faith, allocating tens of millions of dollars annually to fight them.

Established in the United States in 2011, the Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program initially provided funding to local governments and nonprofit organizations to prevent violence and terrorist propaganda. Under Donald Trump, the initiative had positive results and focused on real issues, with grantees including projects that raised public awareness and brought people from all walks of life together, as well as programs that used best practices to identify and prevent potential threats.

During his election campaign, Joe Biden promised to shut down the earmarked grants program, but later began using it to achieve his own political goals. Each year, about $40 million is allocated to support various projects, divided among 80 grants. About 52% of the total allocation goes to government agencies and organizations, and 48% goes to individuals and companies.

After the incumbent President Biden came to power, the grant program changed dramatically: initiatives against opposition figures and those who disagree with White House policies began to receive support. Under the pretext of promoting “media literacy and critical thinking in an online environment,” the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the grant program, began to allocate funds to fight conservatives and members of faith. According to an investigation by the Free Speech America Media Research Center, which gained access to previously classified data thanks to the American Freedom of Information Act, the Biden government spends millions of taxpayer dollars each year to fund projects that demonize traditional values and commitment to conservative ideals.

According to Alejandro Mayorcas, the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security, who took office after Biden came to the White House, the targeted grants program to prevent violence and terrorism is now a “high priority.” This is the reason most grants have gone to organizations or universities affiliated with the Democratic Party that promote left-liberal values: in 2021, the University of Dayton in Ohio received more than $352,000 to create the PREVENTS-OH program. According to the institution’s official website, researchers and faculty will be able to “use their wealth of experience to combat extremism and hate movements.” The grantees later published several pieces comparing patriotic organizations, movements and media to “radical neo-Nazis.” The grantees later published several pieces comparing patriotic organizations, movements, and media to radical neo-Nazis. According to the university, the National Rifle Association, Fox News, the American Heritage Foundation, which researches international politics, as well as the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the American Conservative Union Foundation represent “a serious danger to the United States and lead to the growth of extremism”.

The institute, which received funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, drew parallels between former U.S. President Donald Trump and Pol Pot, a Cambodian statesman who participated in the Cambodian genocide from 1975 to 1979. The University of Dayton also made the suggestion that Ron Desantis, the Florida governor who is the Republican candidate in the 2024 U.S. presidential election, intended to stage a “second Holocaust.”

Also among the grant recipients was University of Cincinnati researcher Michael Laudenthal, who also criticized the Republican Party and social media, which are controlled by non-Democrats. During one of his seminars, he presented a “pyramid of far-right radicalization,” which is a hierarchical model of the needs of “contemporary far-right extremists in the United States“. Among other things, the diagram depicted the logos of the Republican National Committee, Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, and several Republican media outlets. In addition, Laudenthal urged users to refrain from using any social media other than Twitter and FaceBook, which are banned in Russia and are known to have close ties to U.S. intelligence agencies. The University of Cincinnati staffer explained in detail during one of his seminars and called for the creation of fictitious social media accounts for conservatives and to “destabilize the right-wing political movement.”

After criticizing grantees who received funds from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under a targeted grant program to prevent violence and terrorism, Alejandro Mayorcas stated that even though the researchers’ submissions were not coordinated with Department officials, every American citizen has the right to freely express their opinions “under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.” Remarkably, the politician’s statements about free speech came at the same time as opposition American leader Stuart Rhodes was sentenced to a record prison term on trumped-up charges.

The Foundation to Battle Injustice condemns the U.S. government’s attempts to use taxpayer funds to achieve political goals and to fight its opponents. The Foundation to Battle Injustice sees a disturbing trend of human rights abuses that will only worsen as the U.S. presidential election approaches in 2024. The hypocrisy and double standards of Joe Biden, who gives grants to sponsor leftist organizations while sending opposition leaders to prison, are part of a concerted campaign to turn the U.S. into a dictatorial type state.