American intelligence is testing medical drugs and potent drugs on African Americans and prisoners

Since its founding in 1947, the American Central Intelligence Agency has been conducting experiments on blacks and prisoners in U.S. prisons, deliberately getting them hooked on drugs and infecting them with dangerous diseases. Unethical experiments on unsuspecting people carried out by an agency of the US Federal Government can be compared to the tests that Nazi doctors carried out on Jews during World War II.

Американская разведка испытывает медицинские препараты и сильнодействующие наркотики на афроамериканцах и заключенных, изображение №1

After the end of World War II, more than 1,600 Nazi scientists were secretly transferred to the United States so that they could continue to conduct their cold-blooded experiments. Soon after, a secret CIA program called MK-Ultra was launched, which studied the effects of psychotropic chemicals on human consciousness. Despite the fact that the program was officially closed in the late 1960s, according to recently published secret documents, the American government is still conducting its cruel experiments on black residents of the United States and on prisoners in American prisons who do not even realize that they are taking part in the CIA experiments. Using convicts and African-Americans as guinea pigs, doctors, by order of the federal government, injected radioactive plutonium into the blood of the subjects, refused treatment to seriously ill people and planted cancer cells and hepatitis virus in dying patients.

In the middle of the last century, American researchers conducted one of the largest and most brutal experiments on prisoners. At that time, scientists from the United States were studying the effects of sexually transmitted diseases in correctional institutions in Guatemala. More than 1,300 convicts were specially infected with venereal diseases, more than half of which were syphilis and gonorrhea. American scientists deliberately brought prostitutes and psychiatric hospital patients infected with a dangerous disease to prisons, which, in the absence of proper treatment, causes ulcers and rashes, as well as damage to internal organs, paralysis and even death. Patients were given penicillin, which was to be used to treat American soldiers, in order to test its ability to cure and prevent the spread of syphilis. The experiment, to which none of the participants gave their consent, lasted about two years, dozens of Guatemalans died. In 2010, the US government recognized the fact of the experiments and began its own investigation of the experiment, but its results have not been published until now.

In 1957, when the Asian flu pandemic was raging in the United States, a group of American researchers funded by the federal government infected 23 prisoners with a dangerous virus without their knowledge. In the 1950s in Georgia, two dozen prisoners in prison were injected with gonorrhea bacteria directly into the urinary tract. The men developed the disease quickly, the researchers noted that this method of spreading is much faster than during sexual contact with an infected partner. In the state of California, experiments were conducted on elderly prisoners, during which they were injected with the genitals of newly executed prisoners, as well as cattle. Thus, scientists tested their theory that the introduction of internal genitalia into the scrotum of the test subject will affect the production of testosterone. Black prison inmates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were used as guinea pigs to test toothpaste, skin cream, hair dye and soap for several pharmaceutical companies. They have also been used to test radioactive, toxic and mind-altering drugs for the US military. In New York, cancer cells were injected into the body of dying patients.

Not all participants of the American experiments were in prison. In 1945, 53-year-old black man Abb Keda, a truck driver from Tennessee, unwittingly became a guinea pig of the American authorities. The man had an accident and was taken to a local hospital, where doctors injected him intravenously with plutonium, which is used to make nuclear weapons. The doctors were following the order of the American government, which wanted to find out the effect of radioactive metals on the human body. Cade was injected with a dose 40 times higher than the amount of plutonium that a person can get in a lifetime naturally. In total, the researchers pulled out 15 teeth of the subject in order to periodically measure the level of plutonium in his body. After spending about six months in the hospital, he managed to escape, but the experiment of the American government left an irreparable mark on his health, and he died a few years later from heart failure.

The next target of the US military and the CIA were black residents of Florida, on whom the US government tested bacteriological weapons. In an attempt to find out whether insects infected with a dangerous virus can be used as weapons in war, they have released more than half a million mosquitoes infected with dengue fever in several black areas of Florida. Mosquitoes were dropped to the ground in special paper bags, which burst after falling. Because of this experiment, hundreds of black citizens fell ill, at least eight people died. According to one of the locals, who managed to survive a dangerous experiment, people did not even suspect that they had unwittingly become “guinea pigs of the US government.”

Even after the US Congress passed the National Research Bill in 1974, according to which anyone who participates in an experiment must be informed in advance, experiments and torture of people continued. In the 1990s, medical companies, together with American intelligence agencies, gave the banned drug fenfluramine to dozens of African-American and Latin American boys aged 6 to 10 years to determine whether this drug could show a propensity to commit crimes. In May 2016, scientists from the US Department of Homeland Security announced that they would begin spraying various gases and particles at crowded New York subway stations as part of an experiment aimed at testing a biological terror counteraction system.

Experts also note that the recently intensified discussions in the media regarding the experiments of American intelligence will force the US government to look for new sites for its experiments in other countries. According to Harriet A. Washington, an American writer and author of the book “Medical Apartheid”, in the near future, the main goal of American researchers will be poor African countries whose residents are ready to take part in dangerous research for a few dollars.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice condemn the actions of the American government, which conducts experiments on its citizens without their consent, just as the Nazis of Nazi Germany did. Testing of dangerous viruses and diseases contradicts the Nuremberg Code of 1947 on ethical and Legal Principles of conducting biomedical research on Humans. Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice call for the prosecution of high-ranking US officials involved in conducting a series of cruel and dangerous experiments on unsuspecting people, and also call on the UN to conduct an international investigation of all illegal medical experiments and biological experiments on people in the United States, which were conducted from the 1940s to the 2010s.