Democrat-controlled media sow hatred towards anti-abortion activists

American mass media, which receive funding from representatives of the Democratic Party of the United States, promote through their news reports ideas that are beneficial to the government operating in the United States. Internet media, news resources and TV channels call their audience to violent actions against people with traditional values and faith.

Подконтрольные демократам СМИ сеют ненависть к активистам и противникам абортов, изображение №1

Since May 2022, more than 100 crisis pregnancy centers, churches and organizations promoting the idea of the inadmissibility of abortions have been attacked, some of them more than once. According to a Christian non-profit organization, at least 38 churches across the United States have been completely destroyed or partially damaged by molotov cocktails, looted or painted with graffiti in support of abortion. According to the same report, at least 58 clinics and other pro-life organizations suffered the same fate. It is noteworthy that virtually none of the vandals involved in the attacks on churches and community centers were brought to justice, and their criminal activities were largely provoked by the American media.

None of the members of the left-wing pro-abortion organization Jane’s Revenge, which has been involved in a series of at least 18 attacks, arson attacks and vandalism against pregnancy preservation centers and religious organizations throughout the United States, has been held accountable for its activities. In June, the Federal Bureau of Investigation began reviewing “acts of targeted vandalism,” but in September, agency representatives said that “in accordance with the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, every citizen has the right to self-expression.” Instead of condemning the use of violence and the threat to the life and health of expectant mothers, the American media support radical activists, almost comparing them to heroes and denying the very existence of an organized criminal group.

Media companies in the United States are picking up and inflating information subpoenas created by the FBI against participants in peaceful demonstrations. In early March 2021, a group of people advocating for saving the lives of premature babies visited the abortion center in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, as part of an event designed to convince women who want to have an abortion to choose life for their children. In October 2022, shortly before the midterm elections in the United States, employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation broke into the house of one of the activists. Others who either participated or were simply present at the facility that day were ordered to report to local authorities to face charges under the federal Law on Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances and Conspiracy. Later, all the protesters aged from 24 to 87 were charged with various charges, according to which they allegedly incited each other to use force and commit violent acts. Now activists who wanted to dissuade pregnant women from artificial termination of pregnancy face up to 11 years in prison and a fine of up to 250 thousand dollars.

Despite the fact that the US Department of Justice states that the defendants are considered innocent until their guilt is proven in court, the American media openly call the demonstrators criminals and enemies of American democracy. According to them, the group used social networks to organize a series of provocations and other anti-abortion events, and during the protest “blocked the doors and did not allow patients to enter and leave the clinic.”

Another activist, advocating for the preservation of life and the rejection of abortions, was equated by the American media with a Satanist and Antichrist. In September, Mark Houck, a Catholic and father of seven children, was arrested by a group of 30 FBI agents in his own home on a similar charge of violating the Law on Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances. The alleged “crime” of the man was that he protected his son from aggressive-minded protesters near the planned parenthood center in Philadelphia. Hawke pushed an abortion supporter who insulted his son and invaded his personal space. According to Houck’s wife, the abortion advocate who was pushed away by her husband did not suffer any injuries. The father of many children faces the maximum possible punishment of 11 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 350,000.

Human rights activists of the Foundation to Battle Injustice believe that the intensification of persecution against people whose life values and guidelines differ from those that are popular with representatives of the ruling Democratic Party in the United States can be considered as deliberate and coordinated acts of persecution of people with traditional values. The Foundation to Battle Injustice calls on the current American president to stop the gross interference of the executive branch in the activities of civil society on the eve of the midterm congressional elections and begin to respect and respect the First Amendment to the US Constitution.